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Dr. Mert Özarar

Dr. Mert Özarar

HAVELSAN Siber Güvenlik Direktörü


Dr. Özarar has been active in the information security industry for the last 17 years. He is quite capable of viewing abstract and present cybersecurity concepts through a business lens. He has previously acted as the software engineer, project manager, and R&D officer at TurkTrust. He worked for Infosec Global Canada as a technical director in their global offices located in Toronto, Zurich, and Riyadh, respectively. He founded ISG’s local joint-stock company and worked as its managing director with a twin role acting as local CTO. Starting from the very first day of 2020, he is the group leader of HAVELSAN’s worldwide cybersecurity and defense operations. He is serving as a security researcher, validator, technical expert, responder, business developer and lead for global accounts. Besides, he is one of the pioneers of the digital signatures, quantum-resistance and 5G security in the region.

He has graduated from METU Computer Engineering and Mathematics departments with High Honor’s double major program. He has further obtained his two successive M.Sc. degrees from Computer Engineering and Cryptography departments. He also holds a dissertation on Computer Security and Applied Cryptography from METU. Mert has several publications and book chapters on Information Security. He is also an assistant professor at the Computer Engineering Department of the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association.


17 Mart 2022 13:50-14:10